Shop2Go Marble Bead Lotus Bohemian Assorted Bracelet

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 Shop2Go Marble Bead Lotus Bohemian Assorted Bracelet

Gemstone Beaded Bracelet Set- Bracelet Button Wrap is Handcrafted with Beautiful Assorted Beads

Designed Bracelet - From Leafs to Shells to Tassels, there is a design for everyone. These Symbolize Eternity, Hope, Happiness and all things Positive. 30 Different Designs to choose from.

These Bracelets are Threaded with A Strong Elastic String. Durable, Flexible and Comfortable.

Healing Bracelet- Natural Stone will Bring Emotional Peace and Bring the Mind, Body, and Spirit into Harmony.

Have a Positive Influence on Your Mood, Stay Focus, Relieve Stress and Anxiety. Great to wear when doing Yoga, Healing, Meditation, bringing Energy and Positivity.

Perfect Gift for all Women.